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Poster: aronsson Date: Aug 24, 2004 7:30am
Forum: millionbooks Subject: German texts

This is written on August 24, 2004, when there are 14,600 texts available at the Internet Archive's website for the Million Book Project. If you select "browse by language" and then "German", you will find five titles. One of these is labeled "Encyclopadie Der Mathematischen Wissenschaften - Iv". This item creates more questions than answers. First, this is volume four (as perhaps indicated by the Roman numeral IV in the title) of a work in four parts. Where are the other three parts? Will they appear later? Will there be a webpage or record that connects the parts to a whole? Second, the first word of the title of this work, according to the facsimile image of the printed title page, is Enzyklopädie, and not Encyclopadie. The latter misspelling is not only a parody of German spelling that indicates that the person who entered the title doesn't know German. It is great to see works in German here, and one cannot require that everybody should know German. But this misspelling is also a sign of utter sloppyness on part of the person who wrote it and on their organization. Exactness in the copying of text from the printed title page to the metadata XML file is an absolute requirement. Without it, the whole project risks ending up being the laughing stock of digitization projects. On the title page, the title is written in ALL CAPS. The correct German capitalization of the title is "Enzyklopädie der mathematischen Wissenschaften". This is how the title would be represented in a German library catalog.

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Poster: aronsson Date: Aug 24, 2004 1:32pm
Forum: millionbooks Subject: Re: German texts

A correction: The actual title starts with Encyklopädie, not Enzyklopädie. Part 1 of 4 is available, but is wrongly listed as "English". Some German texts are also found under the language "Other". The impression of sloppyness in metadata remains, but I have now discovered that after I'm logged in I can click a link to submit error reports. If I could easily download all XML metadata files for the entire collection of 14,600 texts, I could return lists of error reports.

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Poster: molly Date: Dec 9, 2004 2:28pm
Forum: millionbooks Subject: Re: German texts

Thanks for submitting an error report on this. We are going through two things currently to improve the texts:
1. We have moved the texts to a new beta cluster (which currently needs some new software to allow easy metadata changes)
2. The Million Books Project is reprocessing all of their books to insure quality. We hope to get an infusion of new books and corrected old books in January.

As for the volume thing, we haven't really figured out a good way to link books of a similar series yet. We hope that as we improve our book collection, these things will get easier.

Also, there are some German books in the new Candian Libraries collection. My favorite (though I don't know German) is this old book on syphilis:

I wish I knew German so I could read it- it seems fun.

Bear with us, we are giving our text collection some much needed love this fall and coming spring.